About BRD

BANGLADESH REAL DOMESTIC CABLE INDUSTRY is an Electrical Cable Industries. This company is build up with technical Electrical Goods experience in Manufacturing sector.

With long term technical experience and professional design, the company will make unceasing innovation and keep pace with the times, so as to satisfy the customers and meet various needs of Electrical Items.

The main focus of this company is to source products with won manufacturers, negotiate prices, do quality control for our clients and provide good communications with Clients / Customer and provide best quality goods within stipulated period as per requirement.


BANGLADESH REAL DOMESTIC CABLE INDUSTRY is a Unique Electric Cables & Goods Management in Bangladesh and it is well equipped, structured and established to serve Customers and meet their requirements for those who wishing to purchase direct from Us.

The staffs of BANGLADESH REAL DOMESTIC CABLE INDUSTRY are fully trained and technical professional whose in-depth experience and knowledge helps to respond to customer’s enquiries instantly and professionally.

BANGLADESH REAL DOMESTIC CABLE INDUSTRY in patch with inland customer’s demand and it has got strong Electrical Items, Manufacturer in Bangladesh. Who is capable to handle order any kind of Electrical Goods within short lead times.


We are having Clients to meet up the growing demand, we keep in consideration to expand our project in near future. We practice in advanced technology in all aspects of our operation and consider infusing future innovative concepts in developing the Electrical sector.

BANGLADESH REAL DOMESTIC CABLE INDUSTRY is managed by a strong team of expatriate electrical professionals, who possessing practical experience in various stages of manufacturing. This enables them to analyze and foresee potential problems, planning solutions to control and resolve issues, before they become unmanageable.

Ensure extensive quality check monitoring from raw materials arrive to the product packing. Also continually negotiates and contracts with raw material suppliers and this helps vendors to get raw materials directly at very preferential rates. This in turn helps to get final products at very competitive prices.


BANGLADESH REAL DOMESTIC CABLE INDUSTRY considering as one of the best manufacturer in Bangladesh because over- heads cost structure here is lower than any other part of the country.

Therefore BANGLADESH REAL DOMESTIC CABLE INDUSTRY is able to offer best service at very competitive prices because it has experts who looking after the related raw materials supply and follow the exclusive coasting structure to precision. Hens this helps to negotiate best prices to suit to the Customer needs.


Our Product Quality is ensured with the practice advanced technology and our inclination towered our Clients satisfaction. As a result we are capable to provide high quality products with our best efforts and they feel comfort to work with us.


We always use to make the Delivery of Goods within the stipulated period on the basis of contractual orders of our valued Customers by avoiding any sorts of hindrance


Our Client’s satisfaction sets on the standard of our best quality product. To supply the best quality of Electrical Goods at the most competitive prices supported by an unrivalled professional service of best merchandising, strict quality control, quick turnaround, products development, ethical standards conformance, better communication and online information.


Our just in time merchandising and Delivery along with our advanced production technology assures our Client’s depend on us because-

(a) Unrivalled service and unique operations.
(b) Bangladeshi based marketing and order execute team for Inland.
(c) Quality control team who has vast experiences in Electrical Goods Manufacturing Sector.
(d) Our product quality is assured in every step of our operation.
(e) Our product quality is high and prices are low.
(f) Instant information and excellent communication.


Our commitment is empowered to us to ensure efficient working environment within our organization which will reflect to our valued Customers to feel pleasure to work with us.


(a) ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified Company.
(b) BSTI Approved. BDS : 900 – 2000.